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About Caminhos Language Centre

We are a school that was set up to financially support and assist the Casa Do Caminho Orphanage in Xerem, which was home to approxiamtely 35 Brazilian children. Our school provides an open, friendly, international, relaxed and fun environment.

After your classes there are a lot of fun and cultural activities organized by our enthusiastic volunteers.

We also offer our students:

  • Free Coffee
  • Free Filtered Water
  • Free Wi-Fi

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Methodology & Teachers

We offer a diverse and enriching learning Curriculum using a communicative interactive approach.

Our native Brazilian teachers are all highly qualified, trained, experienced and passionate about students learning whilst focusing on maximizing students' potential.

Small group classes (4-10 people) facilitate the opportunity for teachers to focus on students' needs as well as create an opportunity for the students to interact.

Our material incorporates a variety of learning tools which focuses on grammar and vocabulary, as well as a range of Portuguese rules.

We use our material in a way that lets students have more opportunity to listen and speak, debate and brainstorm while a portion of the lesson focuses on reading and writing. Our teachers also use daily life experiences to teach the language, and also help students grasp the street talk know as giria, which is important while learning how to navigate the streets of Rio.

Private lessons are tailored to each individual's needs and requests.

At Casa do Caminho we understand that learning doesn't only happen in the classroom. Our teachers also incorporate a number of Brazilian cultural and social activities into lessons which include:

  • cooking lessons
  • tours to various parts of Rio
  • audio, music, and video lessons to immerse students in and increase their understanding of Brazilian culture

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